Unveiling The Apocalypse: February 2020

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I thought it might be worth posting up some images in the rather ominous looking clouds which were photographed across the Florida coast on 12th Feb, 2012. They’re remarkably like the various photoshopped images of this mega-tsunami threat posed by Cumbre Vieja inside the Canary Islands, which when i have argued at some length throughout this website, is apparently predicted not merely in lots of places through the entire Bible (start to see the earlier post The Casting Down of Mountains for a reasonably comprehensive survey from the biblical passages that I really believe foretell this event), but additionally inside the prophecies of varied Catholic seers and visionaries throughout history – a long time before the chance of this event was even considered. For instance inside the post The Apparitions at Turzovka, I detail how Our Lady is thought to have given messages to Matous Lasuta in 1958, which foretell volcanic eruptions expelling vast levels of debris and subsequent tidal waves destroying large portions of the planet earth.

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And within the post John Paul II: THE 3RD Secret as well as a Prophecy of any Mega-tsunami? I show how this event could even be foretold within the purported “hidden text” of the 3rd Secret of Fatima. It really is tempting to see this bizarre weather phenomenon being a glimpse of what to come – a danger sign in the threat which looms towards America and all of those other world if God’s demand repentance contrary to the modern culture of death isn’t heeded. The Obama administration’s increasingly threatening posture for the Church, wanting to coerce it into sponsoring crimes such as for example abortion – the best of modern evils, helps us to comprehend why the planet faces such judgment. This strange cloud formation occurs the trunk of not merely recent volcanic rumblings inside the Canary Islands this past year (see here), but additionally new apparitions of your Lady in Egypt on Oct 22nd, 2011 (start to see the earlier post here), which once we have noted in previous posts such as for example Our Lady of Light along with the Apocalyptic Nativity, seem to be directly from the modern “slaughter from the innocents” that is the legalisation of abortion. Here we noted the way the first apparitions of our own Lady in Zeitoun, Egypt – the sanctuary prepared for your Holy Family inside the desert to flee from Herod’s act of genocide against innocent children (cf. Rev 12:14), occurred during the identical month because the introduction of legalised abortion under western culture. And today the American government is trying to find methods to force the Church to cover this genocide with the unborn. Could it be just me, or will there be a pattern emerging here?

I am now expecting worldwide activity for 6.8 magnitude or greater earthquakes to get (there’s been an earthquake drought for the reason that regard for recent months) and last at the very least a month or more. My set of possible areas to have an uptick in activity will be Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, plus the Solomon Islands area (but could extend even more east as well as perhaps south after that aswell). Seismic events of 7.1M or greater have already been blowing hot and cold going back 21 months, with stretches of inactivity for a few months or more, accompanied by in regards to a month of greatly heightened activity following 7.8M or larger events. If this pattern continues, we have to be seeing more 7.8M or larger quakes than usual till the earth’s tectonic state calms down and becomes less extreme inside the unfolding of activity. What I’m thinking though, is usually that the extreme swings from inactive to active won’t relax until after something much larger than an 8.2M event.

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My pleasure Buildreps, I too have noticed an extended cycle around 40 years for clusters of big earthquakes. Peaks at 1930, 1970, and 2010 (give or take 2.5 years) arrived in a very graph Not long ago i created from ISC-GEM catalogue data (plus USGS for the entire year 2012) for earthquakes of 7.1 magnitude or larger (average about one monthly for days gone by eleven years). But this last peak is larger than usual and I suspect can last longer; perhaps another 5 years or thru the finish of 2017. So, I wouldn’t eliminate another 9.0 earthquake through the next year or two. Considering it yet another way, from 2004-2011 there have been 3 earthquakes of from 8.8-9.1 magnitude. The power released by these quakes equals one lone quake around 9.3 magnitude. Subtracting the power of this from the full total energy of both huge seismic events in 1960 and 1964, and you also get just as much energy like a 9.45 magnitude event. Thanks for the comment, retrojoe.

Historical patterns show how the heaviest earthquakes appear around every 44 years. No matter which method you utilize so long as you can withdraw clear and reliable patterns from their website! I expect that you will be right in regards to a mega quake again arriving at Chile. There is an 8.2 magnitude earthquake in northern Chile at the start of April 2014. Seismologists at that time stated how the quake didn’t surprise them; that they had been forecasting a large quake there, however they were expecting something bigger, but still do as the 8.2 magnitude quake released not even half of the stored forces at play there. I really believe chances are a larger quake arrives there between now and 2017. Chile being such a long time and on the edge of an extremely active plate border, has several threat since you explain by also mentioning Santiago in this article. I love your theory; believe it offers promise at forecasting trends with regards to super large earthquakes.