Tsunamis Don’t Have A Season

Tsunamis Don't Have A SeasonTsunami – a killer wave – speeding over the ocean at 400 miles one hour. It smashes into land destroying everything in its path. Tsunamis don’t have a season. However they can strike any coast anytime. If one forms near to the shore, the shaking of the planet earth including a loud roar may warn of its approach. However when a tsunami forms over the ocean, normally it takes hours to attain the shore – plenty of time to warn visitors to proceed to higher land. Within the last two decades, NOAA is rolling out DART: a real-time monitoring system that delivers data for forecasting tsunamis. The DART systems have already been deployed in earthquake prone areas through the entire ocean, like the Pacific and Indian basins. A DART system combines a surface buoy including a sensor within the ocean floor. This sensor detects changes in water pressure and seismic activity and transmits the info back to the top. If these changes indicate a tsunami may form, the buoy signals an alert via satellite for the Tsunami Warning Centers in Alaska and Hawaii. Back in the Centers, scientists plug the info into pre-existing models. These models predict the height, the arrival time, as well as the coastal locations how the tsunami will hit. Watches and warnings are issued towards the affected communities so preparations will start. Today, 47 DART stations sit all over the world prepared to detect and warn coastal communities concerning the next potential tsunami. While using DART system and Tsunami Warning Centers set up, we have been now better ready to predict a killer wave before it strikes.

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Tsunamis Don't Have A Season

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