Interesting Facts: Jun 15, 2020

Contains the plot in the story. Kamal has performed ten roles within the movie. I’ve given the order of roles because they come in the film(with importance). The film starts with Govind (played by Kamal) narrating us the storyline of Rangarajan Nambi in a gathering attended by George Bush, Kalaignar Karunanidhi and Dr.Manmohan Singh. Kulothunga Kulasekara Chozha-II (played by Napolean) was a Shiva Devotee. He orders removing statue of Lord Govindaraja Permuaal in the temple and throw it in to the sea. Rangarajan Nambi tries to save lots of the statue but only in vain. Kulothunga tells to Nambi “In the event that you praise Lord Shiva and say ‘Om Nama Shivaya’ I’d leave you if not you must reach vaikundam (place where Lord Narayanan lives)”. Nambi closes his eyes and starts saying, “OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM”. The suspense prevails for quite a while. He finally finishes “Om Namo Narayana! ”. The song Kallai Mattum starts, the song have been beautifully picturised showing the pain of your Vaishnavite.

Tsunami 7 Years Ago

Interesting Facts: Jun 15, 2020At the finish with the song both statue of Lord Govindaraja Permuaal and Rangarajan Nambi linked with it are thrown in to the sea. All of this happened within the 12th century. Immediately the storyplot shifts to USA (21st century). It shows Govind employed in a study lab. Both wheeled mini scooter-like vehicle (as shown in the aforementioned image) utilized by the scientists of this lab rocks !. Govind places a vial in the dry cold storage unit and leaves to view the announcement of George Bush (played by Kamal again) regarding synthetic bio weapons. Anu, a monkey escapes from its cage and eats the semi-solid substance present in the vial. The monkey dies with blood splashing from it. They pour enormous level of NaCl (Sodium Chloride) and arrest the herpes virus. The semi-solid substance is really a bio synthetic virus produced by Govind. It really is with the capacity of mass killing if it’s let free in the city.

So Govind really wants to destroy it. But he finds that his superior officer really wants to sell the herpes virus to terrorists. Govind takes the vial (containing the herpes virus) out and escapes to his friend Suresh’s home. Suresh too works for that terrorists. Fletcher (played by Kamal again), an ex-CIA agent will come in the helicopter to the house of Suresh. He shoots Suresh. But Suresh’s wife a Japanese girl (sister of Japanese fighting techinques teacher Shingen Narahasi, played by kamal) been trained in karate helps Govind escape but dies in her attempt. Govind finds another friend in the automobile park. Alongside him Govind escapes in his car. Still Fletcher chases him within the helicopter. ‘How does Fletcher trace them? ’ Govind thinks and finds that it’s with his cellular phone. He throws the cellular phone outside of his friend’s car into another car. The vial was sent as the parcel to India by Govind’s friend in error.

Govind tries to avoid the Cargo Flight and would go to the airport. Fletcher follows him there too. Govind tries to flee and falls in to the cargo luggage and it is board in to the flight. Govind is arrested in Chennai by Balram Naidu (played by Kamal again), a RAW officer who may have fondness for telugu people. Meanwhile Fletcher finds a Tamil speaking ex-CIA agent in Mallika Sherwath. He marries her and soon leaves to India. At exactly the same time Avtar Singh (played by Kamal again) finds the airport for your concert. Avtar vomits blood within the airport. It attracts everyone within the airport. Utilizing this, Fletcher takes custody of Govind plus a officer. But before Fletcher takes him to custody, Govind had cleverly sent the vial to Chidambaram. Govind also escapes from Fletcher and reaches Chidambaram. In Chidambaram Govind meets Aandaal (played by Asin) within a math. The vial parcel was sent by Govind to Krishnaveni (played by Kamal again) inside the math. She actually is mentally retarded and 92 yrs . old.

Krishnaveni doesn’t return the vial back again to Govind. Govind says which the vial includes a bio bomb, a virus. Krishnaveni runs from the math and throws the vial in to the Statue of Lord Permuaal, saying that Lord would save all from the herpes virus. Fletcher follows Govind to Chidambaram. Govind tries to flee with all the statue and Aandaal follows Govind since it was the statue that she have been worshipping for long. On the way they’re caught by way of a sand mafia gang plus they escape from your gang while Poovaraghan (played by Kamal again) fights against sand mafia. Govind and Aandaal talk with a major accident. There they meet an eight feet tall Muslim (Khalifulla played by Kamal again). Following this, what happened for the vial? Was the town saved? What’s the connection to all or any this along with the 12th century episode? Each one of these questions are answered within an eventful manner using the Tsunami playing a significant role. Either the eight feet tall Khalifulla or japan fighting techinques master, Kamal Hassan has proved he may be the Universal Hero. His dialogues especially in the climax when Fletcher asks japan Fighting techinques master ‘Remember Hiroshima?