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5 dicas para gravar videos de forma naturalWayne Elsey has changed lives all over the world. Today, he could be the Founder & of Elsey Enterprises. The business offers consulting, fundraising and business services to nonprofits, social enterprises and for-profits seeking to make the largest social impact possible. It achieves this objective through its independent brands: str@tegic, Not Your Father’s Charity, Funds2Orgs, Sneakers4Funds, Shoes With Heart, SocialGoodU, and CELG Freight. Wayne can be the founder and former CEO of Soles4Souls, a nonprofit that helped put shoes on your toes of these in need in reaction to a number of the world’s largest natural disasters, like the Indian Ocean tsunami, Hurricane Katrina along with the earthquake in Haiti. In every, he led efforts to ship over 17 million shoes to the people suffering from natural disasters. Wayne grew this organization from zero to over $74 million in less than 5 years. A nationally recognized authority in nonprofit and social enterprise leadership and topics linked to motivation, business and personal success, Wayne’s life work is focused on business projects which have a humanitarian impact. He also seeks to teach and inform social sector organizations, philanthropists and entrepreneurs on the most recent trends through presenting and public speaking, consulting so when an author. His network appearances include: NBC Nightly News, HELLO America, Today Show, & Fox News. Like a thought leader, most of Wayne’s books dissect various business principles and teach readers that a lot of what’s learned across multiple disciplines could be applied strategically for the social sector. He could be the writer of Almost Isn’t SUFFICIENT, the Not Your Father’s Charity book series, along with the motivational book LOG OFF the Couch: Grip & Rip and Break the Barriers Holding You Back Life. Wayne has integrated social good into his for-profit businesses, always wanting to do and become better. His ethos would be to go from surviving to thriving.

Que Provoca Un Tsunami

Wayne Elsey - EzineArticles.com Expert Author

Tsunami warnings issued for Jamaica along with other Caribbean countries, after among the strongest earthquakes going to the region recently, have already been cancelled. The warning was triggered following a magnitude 7.6 earthquake struck from the coast of Honduras on Tuesday night, shaking the mainland. There have been no early reports of serious damage or casualties on land following the quake struck shortly before 10 p.m. EST. Officials in Honduras said shaking was registered across a lot of the country and there have been some reports of cracks in homes in Colon and Atlantida provinces across the northern coast and Olancho in eastern Honduras. Tsunami centers issued advisories and warnings for Puerto Rico, the Cayman Islands, Cuba, Jamaica along with other Caribbean islands in addition to over the coasts of Mexico and Central America, cautioning that sea levels could rise from the foot to 3 feet (0.3 to at least one 1 meter) above normal, but no tsunami materialized. The U.S. Geological Survey measured the quake at an initial magnitude of 7.6. The tremor struck in the ocean about 125 miles (202 kilometers) north-northeast of Barra Patuca, Honduras, and 188 miles (303 kilometers) southwest of George Town, Cayman Islands. The tremor occurred about 6 miles (10 kilometers) below the top. The northern coast of Honduras closest to the quake’s epicenter is sparsely populated, with a lot of it included in nature reserves. The tremor was about 25 miles (44 kilometers) east of Honduras’ Swan Islands, which can be unpopulated aside from a little navy post. Tuesday’s quake was among the largest going to the Caribbean in recorded history.

I think everyone would concur that before these were considered in anyone’s philosophy, the Universe existed. You’d concur that the Universe existed before humans existed, unless you’re one particular fundamentalists who interpret the Book of Genesis literally, and also then there have been a couple of days to the Universe to take pleasure from a pre-human existence. If you are not one of these extreme right wing all-things-literal Christians, then you’d go with the Universe existing before life, almost any life, arose on Terra Firma (or somewhere else inside the cosmos for example). You’d also need to go with the notion the Universe existed prior to the Earth (and then the Sun and solar system) existed, because the parent (the Universe) must exist prior to the offspring (Earth, Sun and solar system). Actually, to create this string to its logical conclusion, the Universe existed even before our home parent galaxy, the Milky Way existed. The foundation in our Universe via that Big Bang event was roughly 13.7 billion years back.

But, any port inside a storm.

Our own galaxy didn’t enter into its until three plus billion years post Big Bang. THE WORLD (plus Sun and solar system) came into being some 4.5 billion years back; the initial stirrings of what we’d call life happened on the planet within a half of a billion many years of Earth’s origin event. If you wish to equate life inside the Universe with life on the planet (terrestrial biology may be the proverbial IT), then your Universe has become lifeless for the initial 9.7 billion many years of its existence. Our Universe is bio-friendly otherwise we wouldn’t be here to go over the problem. That’s often termed the Weak Anthropic Principle. A bio-friendly Universe is really a Goldilocks Universe, albeit an unhealthy Goldilocks Universe with plenty of places which are too hot or too cold or elsewhere nearly right rather than quite bio-friendly. But, any port inside a storm. Stars still shined and photons still did their photon thing.

Gravity still grabbed; Black Holes still formed. Radioactivity decay still proceeded. Neutrinos still whizzed their merry way across the cosmic byways and pathways. Electrons still quantum hopped from orbit to orbit giving off and absorbing energy. Quarks still continued their threesome relationships inside protons and neutrons. Okay, there was a time once the cosmos was lifeless and the aforementioned were cosmic truisms. There clearly might come this type of time again if THE WORLD may be the proverbial IT with regards to the life section of “life, the Universe and everything”. Humans aren’t immortal; THE WORLD isn’t immortal, so when I said earlier, the Universe could be a dangerous place. Perhaps humans don’t even need the help of the Universe most importantly to effect a result of their extinction plus the extinction of most life on the planet. Hurricanes, tornadoes, thunderstorms, blizzards, floods and droughts will still happen on Terra Firma. Volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, avalanches, Ice Ages, tsunamis, meteor impacts, erosion, mountain building, and continental drift will still happen on Terra Firma. The tides will still ebb and flow; the Moon still waxes and wanes. Now the $64,000 question is the reason why is really a lifeless Universe of any interest whatsoever?