Shaken Caribbean Tiptoes Back To Normal After Shock Of Major Quake

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KINGSTON/MIAMI, Jan 29 (Reuters) – Shaken Caribbean residents and tourists said on Wednesday that life was time for normal following a powerful earthquake struck the spot and rattled nerves but spared the region from serious harm to property or lack of life. The magnitude 7.7 quake hit Tuesday afternoon inside the Caribbean Sea between Jamaica, the Cayman Islands and Cuba, bursting drains and ripping open sinkholes. Several aftershocks followed, including a magnitude 6.1 tremor nearer to the Cayman Islands, unnerving people all night afterwards. Canadian tourist Andrew Walsh, 43, on a trip to Jamaica’s Montego Bay along with his family. Inside the Cayman Islands, home to about 62,000 people, many schools remained closed but most businesses were open, in accordance with Sandra Hill, editor with Cayman Marl Road, an area news website. The quake was also felt in Miami where several high-rise buildings were evacuated downtown. Attorney Jake Greenberg, 33, in line with the 24th floor of the Miami skyscraper, said he had not been worried about time for the office. However the tremors triggered memories of this Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, when he was living near NEW YORK. In Cuba, the quake was felt in lots of provinces. The federal government said there is no damage nor injuries, after a large number of individuals were evacuated from buildings. In eastern Cuba, nearest towards the quake and where minor tremors are normal, residents spent Wednesday morning comparing tales to be spooked by shaking beds, sofas, lamps and balconies before evacuating towards the streets. Nuris Lopez in Cuba’s eastern Granma province. Walsh, the Canadian tourist in Jamaica, said he remains aware of more aftershocks or the chance of the tsunami.

Out of every Earthquake on this database I calculated the power.

Shaken Caribbean Tiptoes Back To Normal After Shock Of Major Quake

This exemplory case of the relative pole wandering from ’73 to ’74 led to -8.02 km, and therefore the poles on the shortest distance were wandering towards one another. You can find sources that claim to possess found a relation between pole wanderings and earthquakes. However they are wrong, since they compare Richter’s scale with all the wanderings, which leads to the purest nonsense. Including the great Earthquake in Chile in 1960 released 8,442 times more energy compared to the great Earthquake in 1968 in California. When both of these are counted as just one single Earthquake they might be treated as equal, while they’re not, meaning these methods as stated above are comparing apples with oranges. Out of every Earthquake on this database I calculated the power. Earthquakes beneath 5.5 are from energetic viewpoint not interesting anymore. From all of the Earthquakes in a single specific year I summed all of them together.

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6,3 × 104 × 103M/2. M may be the magnitude in Richter. I downloaded the pole locations with the North pole as well as the South pole in the NGDC site and calculated from year to year the relative wandering distances, in the manner I explained above. I putted both data close to one another, rearranged the Earthquake energy to exactly the same proportions because the pole wandering distance, as the difference in magnitude of the numbers would make graphical analysis useless – the pole wanderings will be a flat line on the x-axis. That is one big mathematical bag of tricks! The essence with the Polar Stretch Theory would be that the extent to that your poles are wandering in regards to each other is really a sign a heavy earthquake is imminent. In the event that you pull on your own skin together with your fingers, it’ll shoot loose once the tensions get too large. The graph below is put into 4 parts.

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In every division will be the poles wandering from each other and is also Earth crust in this era put through one ore more heavy Earthquake(s). Following a heavy Earthquake the pole-to-pole wandering appears to stabilize, just like the graph is showing. Period I – The shortest distance from pole-to-pole is increasing, the poles are wandering from one another (blue line). Through the period from 1900 to 1940: average 17,4 km/year. In this era arose two heavy Earthquakes: Chile 1922 and Banda Sea 1938 (peaks in red line). Following the Earthquake in Chile the blue line starts to flatten slightly. Following the second heavy Earthquake within the Banda Sea the blue line drops dramatically, and therefore in 1940 the pole-to-pole distance nearly stopped to improve. Period II – In 1945 the pole-to-pole distance is again increasing, this time around with a member of family high speed, accompanied by an extremely heavy Earthquake in Kamchatka in 1952. This Earthquake appeared to release a number of the stress in the planet earth crust, that is expressed in stopping the increasing pole-to-pole distance also it even shows hook decrease.

Period III – Apparently there is still an excessive amount of stress in the planet earth crust present that caused the fantastic Earthquake in Chile in 1960, accompanied by the fantastic Earthquake in Alaska in 1964. Both Earthquakes appeared to have released very much stress the pole-to-pole distance decreased radically and also for a couple years the poles were wandering towards one another. Period IV – The pole-to-pole distance is again increasing, but this time around dramatically fast, accompanied by the heavy Earthquake on the far side of the Globe near Sumatra in 2004, accompanied by the heavy Earthquake near Chile this year 2010. The shortest pole-to-pole distance appears to stabilize again because of mainly the Earthquake in Sumatra. The poles are quickly wandering towards one another, expressed within the dropping blue curve. What the result is of the heavy Earthquakes in Chile this year 2010 and Japan 2011 can’t be determined at this time, but both Earthquakes are (again) lying in exactly the same direction due to the centrifugal force of Antarctica. The Polar Stretch Theory, will probably be worth looking into deeper.