Unveiling The Apocalypse: December 2020

The Philosophy Of 500 M Tsunami

Today, the 21st December 2012, marks the finish with the 13th baktun for the Long Count Calendar, represented as inside the Maya system. Considering that the “2012 phenomenon” has nothing in connection with Catholic prophecy, I’m not overly worried about the significance of the date – especially not with regards to any impending disaster. Once we have discussed before on previous posts, I’m open to the theory that other non-Christian cultures will often contain the gift of prophecy. However the only way we are able to determine in case a particular prophecy has genuine insight in to the future is by examining it in retrospect – which in cases like this, we are able to achieve this very shortly. Most commentators concur that the Maya didn’t see this date as marking the finish of the planet, but rather they viewed the turning from the cycles as a period of great change – the transition of 1 period into another would result in renewal. Yet some texts linked to the end in the Long Count calendar, like the Chilam Balam, did link this era to great upheavals that could result in the finish of the planet (which includes some striking parallels towards the mega-tsunami/Second Coming hypothesis I forward in my own book Unveiling the Apocalypse – start to see the earlier post with this subject here). WHEN I discuss in the last post The Date in the End-Time: 2012 or 2087, there’s a possibility an alternative date could be produced from the Mayan system if actual 365 day years were used rather than the 360 days of the tun unit of measurement. Nonetheless it will be very unwise for anybody to follow a collection timetable of prophetic events, and the entire year 2087 is again of no relevance to Catholic prophecy rather than something I’d pay much heed to myself.

You with yours, a lot more.

We risked something bad each day before: whenever we put our hands in the belly filled with blood of someone we don’t even understand if he’s got HIV or hepatitis C; whenever we do it even though we know he has HIV or hepatitis C; whenever we sting with the main one with HIV and take the drugs which make us vomit from morning to night for per month. Whenever we open with the most common anguish the outcomes with the examinations at the many checks after an accidental puncture hoping never to be infected. We simply earn our coping with a thing that gives us emotions. No matter if they’re beautiful or ugly, simply take them home. In the long run, we only make an effort to make ourselves ideal for everyone. Now make an effort to take action too though: with this actions, we influence the life span and death of several dozen people. You with yours, a lot more. Please share and share the message. No question: the problem is not best for Amarin … Nonetheless it will not affect the entire picture, the result (overall / during lifecycle) is leaner % compared to the p-value from the R-IT result … If anybody think, this changes the worthiness / potential / etc. of Amarin & Vascepa a bit … Disclosure: I’m long with this particular stock. I wrote this post myself, also it expresses my very own opinions (IMHO).

The Cascadia subduction zone is with the capacity of creating a mega-thrust earthquake releasing 30 times more energy compared to the San Andreas Fault. The common cycle time for a significant earthquake is roughly every 240 years, the final major earthquake across the Cascadia Fault was over 315 years back, we have been long overdue. The longer the fault sits dormant the pressure is building greater and greater. There’s a 1 in 3 chance on the next 50 years for a significant earthquake having a predicted strength exceeding 9.0 around the Richter scale. The tsunami wave generated because of the earthquake could travel 500 miles each hour, giving Seattle just a 10 minute warning. FEMA projects that you will see 13,000 casualties, 27,000 injuries, and 1,000,000 people left homeless, FEMA also project it has to supply another 2.5 million people who have water and food. With most major thoroughfares destroyed or impassable delivering aid for the victims is a logistical nightmare. With inadequate warning systems combined with proven fact that many buildings within the Pacific Northwest aren’t created to withstand an earthquake of the magnitude the devastation will undoubtedly be enormous.

The Director of FEMA’s Region X, Kenneth Murphy says “our operating assumption is the fact that everything west of Interstate 5 will undoubtedly be toast”. While you can find no written records from the region dating to the final major earthquake of 1700 you can find records from Japan, in January of 1700 a tsunami struck villages in Japan using a wave height of 16 feet. The Cascadia Fault is identical for the faults which caused the earthquakes and tsunamis in Sumatra of 2004 and Japan in 2011. For comparison consider Japan plus the 9.0 earthquake that occurred in 2011, Japan gets the best & most extensive tsunami warning system of any country yet the effects in the devastation caused that day continue steadily to linger. The damage will begin to knock out the energy grid causing blackouts in Oregon, California, Washington, Nevada, and Idaho with brownouts occurring in another six western states. Following the waters recede devastation will never be the only real change to the land because of the phenomenon of subsidence.