To Observe Or Absorb

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There is really a huge difference between observation and absorption of events. The idea of self observation is fairly old, we’ve discussed it often as Gurdjieff and Ouspensky have taught, yet in so far as i teach this technique of awakening, people neglect to get much reap the benefits of it. Today, travelling in Thailand with among our group, I realized why. I saw the difference between what I really do and what others do that is the main element to benefiting not merely through the exercise of self observation but to numerous more elements of the task. Before I go in to the difference between both of these concepts, I’ll make available to you another analogy that together must have a significant effect on your inner work of awakening. Once you drop a pebble into still water, the rings venture out on all directions, and then for what could possibly be an infinite distance once we have seen within the 2004 tsunami which reached every section of the world. Normally, this is the analogy that folks share with self observation, but I have to to inform you that humans usually do not normally do that.

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Rather, the pebble makes an extremely narrow type of ripples, and therefore rather than waves venturing out in 360 degrees, they only venture out in a single degree, an extremely narrow straight line, ignoring all of those other universe. Whenever a normal human practices self observation it is almost always basically the observation of external events as well as perhaps the part they play or interact, possibly the physical sensations of your body throughout a moment of this event. This can be a purely physical observation finished with the mind registering the actual eyes see and is really a very shallow impression on your brain, thus the events are quickly forgotten. Absorption implies that the eyes see and even though your brain may register the function details, the impressions of the function are in fact absorbed in to the depth of your brain, on both conscious and subconscious levels. This degree of absorption of events includes the function but aswell many layers behind it, the reason for the function and the reason for the reason for the reason ad infinitum, with regards to the purity on the openness of your brain.

When this happens, the info is recorded and understood in different ways, it becomes an integral part of the totality in the being. Each event then becomes a fresh piece put into the infinitely growing jigsaw puzzle which makes up who you’re each day. This is actually the approach to attaining cutting insight and profound intuition. Together with the upsurge in your being through absorbing, your capability to comprehend events and life generally in addition to understanding your personal being along with other people increases. Conversely, to merely observe is similar to pouring water over a duck, it just rolls quickly. A duck’s feathers are coated having an oil which repels water. The human mind and personality is coated with opinions which repel new information, so nothing sticks and you may just continue flying or floating through life. When you yourself have accepted the principle that you will be always possibly wrong within an objective sense, the ripples of each event is now able to proceed atlanta divorce attorneys direction engaging all elements of your mind rather than just the top and intellectual levels alone.

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If you’ll have a totally open mind, instead of ripples from the pebble tossed into your brain going outward alone, it’ll be an opening of your brain everywhere and new information will undoubtedly be entering your being with every event which you encounter. Why to say along with the preceding paragraph, is a wave hitting the shore always returns back out to sea. The length between where in fact the pebble falls as well as the shore is the same as the openness of one’s mind. If your brain is slightly open, the returning wave is quite short and narrow, therefore would be the impression and information you obtain. If your brain is very open, once you experience a meeting through your brain of absorption, that a lot more information, meaning the reason for the reason for the reason, will reach the depths of one’s being. This is one way we expand the capability of your limited human intellect and mind into the one that gets the insight to instantly start to see the reality behind the illusion of as soon as thinking this is actually the totality.

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