[Translation] Famitsu Interview With Four Battle Devs: Savage Fight Designs (2nd Half) : Ffxiv

Famitsu released the next 1 / 2 of their interview with all the FFXIV battle devs, which discusses how each savage floor was designed and E2s having a straight crazier difficulty during development. Facing Eden prime right from the start. EN version) in E2s and its own original absurd difficulty during development. Stormy horizon’s (E3s) secret. The forbidden elevation mechanic in E4s. Which difficulty do they create first? Staff responsible for each savage raid. Masaki Nakagawa (Mr Ozma): Lead battle content designer responsible for E2s (Void walker). Other savage raids created by him: A5s (Gorilla floor), A7s (Balls), A11s (Cruise chaser). Trials: Dhorme Chimera, Hydra, Ifrit, Garuda, Leviathan, Shiva, Nabriales, Ravana, Sophia. Battle content designer who created E4s. Other creations: A10s (Goblin), O8s (Kefka), O12s (Omega F and M), The Epic of Alexander. Trials: Nidhogg, Tsukuyomi, Hades (not EX). Battle content designer responsible for E3s. Other fights: O1s (edit:Alte roite) and O11s (Omega). Battle system designer responsible for E1s. The resources necessary to build that long cutscene wasn’t as outrageous as people expect.

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[Translation] Famitsu Interview With Four Battle Devs: Savage Fight Designs (2nd Half) : Ffxiv

Since they expected players to clear E1s easily and your investment mechanics by the next week if they famr it, they deliberately made “paradise regained” a mechanic that switches the result of certain mechanics to poke that open space in players’ hearts. The idea of E2s is “An unknown girl who uses both sword and magic, has full control on the power of darkness”. The “oracle of darkness” can be an important character who’ll be involved in the foreseeable future scenario, so that they wished to give her a distinctive mechanic: “the delayed spell” (spell-in-waiting in EN) so players would remember her. Since E2s is the next encounter, they didn’t involve any random elements, however they could have if this boss was another or 4th encounter. Back the development stages, each phase had a much faster/rapid tempo and touching the adds (floating faces) dealt 100k harm to the players plus they wouldn’t disappear after achieving the center plus they would continue heading towards another side with the arena. It had been a significant hassle differentiating between your leviathan in the foundation and the initial.

After learning from your errors, they were left with the existing leviathan which has several aspects that remind players of leviathan from the foundation. During development, the leviathan dives had ground aoes following and falling together with the players at exactly the same time, but Yokozawa (Battle system lead who made UwU) told him that players wouldn’t have the ability to clear it, so he removed it. The existing ground AoEs that inflict the “heavy effect” through the dives, originally had an awful DoT aswell also it was a punishing phase back development. They developed the “collapsing arena” mechanic close to the end of these planning stages. The idea of the “tsunami” mechanic was getting a water themed mechanic that tries to drown players, however the original mechanic had a loophole to the answer, so they were required to rebuilt it from scratch. The idea of E4s is easy which is “He’s proficient at controlling the land”.

He also offers a robust look, so that they wished to avoid mechanics that depend on cheap tricks. There is absolutely no official lore behind this, but Daisuke imagines that wherever Titan goes, he turns any landscape around him into his armor so he is able to fight and live happily in virtually any situation. They devised an idea therefore the old and new titan could coexist. They implemented elevating mechanics therefore the giant Titan could shine. Elevating/(high and low) mechanics are in fact a taboo systemwise, because you can cause multiple errors plus they weren’t sure if it had been worth it plus the devs were troubled before last second. They aimed for “the creator” difficulty with Eden’s Gate. They managed to get easier than Alphascape because it is the first raid inside the expansion. They wish to make the 5.2 and 5.4 raids just a little harder. They removed the “first and second half” forms of encounters, but it doesn’t mean they’ll never repeat, so they wish to hear feedback.

Famitsu Writer: The prior formula made most players assume that Eden prime will be the final boss of another season with the raid, but Eden didn’t just arrive in the initial season and he/she was also the initial encounter. Masaki Nakagawa (Mr.Ozma): You can find two explanations why that had become. One is that people wanted it to become surprising and i still can’t discuss another reason, but you will learn the mystery as soon as you play the 5.4 raid that may conclude the scenario. It’s still a long way away, but we want you to anticipate it. Famitsu writer: Was all that already decided through the first meeting between devs? Masaki Nakagawa (Mr.Ozma): Yes. Famitsu: In the initial 1 / 2 of the interview, i asked the method that you set the issue on each floor, but how was it set alongside the savage raids you created before? Masaki Nakagawa (Mr.Ozma): We’ve discussed this again and again, about how exactly “Alexander: the creator” may be the response to the savage difficulty we have to shoot for and exactly the same put on the Eden raids.