No Effort Is Simply Too Small

No effort is too small, no action is too insignificant. This statement is exactly what Grace Li lives by, and contains helped her transform a straightforward door-to-door donation project right into a powerful organization that spans depends upon today. Grace Li is really a young writer and philanthropist from Texas who’s most well-known for co-founding We Care Act, a non-profit organization that seeks to supply assistance and relief to children experiencing disasters all over the world by encouraging the youth which have resources to be a part of helping those who find themselves suffering. Through We Care Act, Grace has had the opportunity to attain out (even personally) to a large number of children who’ve been through terrible and harsh calamities and disasters and offer them not only with material assistance, but additionally with encouragement to truly have a positive outlook in life. The We Care Act organization’s amazing story of growth and expansion owes its roots within the persistent and passionate efforts of Grace and her siblings for connecting children from all around the globe to allow them to help one another.

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Beginning from door-to-door donations, We Care Act is continuing to grow to an extremely large international organization which has reached over forty thousand folks from numerous countries on the planet, from the provisions created by thousands of individuals who continuously support the business. We Care Act has contributed greatly towards the victims of varied large-scale disasters like the Sichuan and Haiti earthquakes, the Japan Tsunami and Hurricane Sandy, amongst others. Grace’s amazing dedication and passion for helping children which have been through disasters result from her innate need to see change happen – when she started with her first philanthropic project, that was to greatly help the victims from the Sichuan Earthquake, Grace discovered that she wished to do more, and contains since that time worked passionately to help with making a confident change in the lives of individuals. One thing that is key to the success of We Care Act is Grace’s outlook in charity. Grace believes that each small act of compassion and kindness is essential, and that each person has something to provide, regardless of how small or insignificant it may look in their mind.

The organization’s motto, “To the planet, you may you need to be one individual, but to 1 person, you may be the planet,” may be the driving force behind Grace’s passion for service. Grace also believes in everyone’s need to create a change, and constantly encourages every child she foretells by telling them never to hesitate of taking chances. Through her fondness for writing, Grace in addition has come to understand that writing letters might help bring the planet together in heart and spirit, regardless of how physically far they might be. This is proven with among her most successful projects, the “Letters to Japan” initiative, where she encouraged a large number of children to create letters for individuals who were suffering from the tsunami. Keeping individuals informed can be one thing which has greatly contributed to the success of We Care Act. Grace’s eye for opportunity has allowed her to work with the Internet as a way of getting the term out, thus increasing the knowing of the problem and reaching more folks who are ready to help. But among all of the traits that produce Grace this amazing and inspiring individual, her unique sense of optimism and perspective on things will be the attributes that could oftimes be her strongest. Grace’s heart for helping children from across all countries result from her knowing inside that things will usually progress, because you may still find lots of people who care. For this reason she helps it be an effort to help keep people in the know, because deep down, Grace knows they are ready to help exactly like her. Around today, Grace continues to be amazed by just how much her actions have impacted the lives of several. Humbled by everything that she’s achieved all throughout these years, Grace knows full well that there surely is still a whole lot that should be done.

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