Japan: March 2020

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Things in Tokyo seem quite similar. Up to now blackouts don’t affect us – a lot of the central Tokyo 23 ku don’t have blackouts – to take action would put the aforementioned ground rail lines from action. JR runs its electric system to power the trains, however the level crossings depend on power from the overall supply. Exactly the same applies to traffic lights. There’s talk though of the region for blackouts being extended which might include all however the very centre – Minato, Chiyoda, Chuo as well as perhaps Shinjuku local govt. It could seem fairer, although city can’t function if the general public transport fails. With the mean time though night baseball, night golf driving ranges, night anything has been curbed if it involves light. Foreigners are leaving. Most I expect will return, however, many won’t. Last week we were in the train and there is several what appeared like Chinese students making their solution to Narita with oversized bags.

Tsunami In Indonesia


I haven’t seen any statistics on the amount of foreigners handing within their ID cards because they exit Japan (which may indicate an intention never to keep coming back) but I am certain there are tons. I needed lunch with a pal last week who said 20 of her friends / acquaintances have gone – some with plans to come back, some with none. Hiro is flat chat at the job. He is associated with an application to ship feedgrain from Kyushu to livestock farmers within the affected areas throughout the port in Akita. Along with people being without food, farmers are also struggling to get grain to pigs and cattle. The problem with dairy farmers is grim, especially in Fukushima where cows are increasingly being milked and all of the milk disposed of for concern with radiation. Generally in most supermarkets now all produce has been labelled by prefecture – there have been a tendency to take action before – but it’s much greater now.

It appears a very lot, but it’s most probably many families had two or three 3 children at school.

Buying produce with Ibaraki and Fukushima labels (the areas close to the nuclear plant) for many people is comparable to self injecting which has a syringe on the beach. I am trying to create a point of shopping for them, since they wouldn’t be for sale should they were irradiated – and just what a miserable situation with the farmers – however the whole prefecture is tainted in the general public mind and products are increasingly difficult to acquire. I read today that we now have around 30,000 dead or missing. The quantity may increase, and the ultimate number won’t be known. By any standard it’s horrific. Having said that there are tons more survivors than casualties. The earthquake struck at 2.46. Had it been around 30 minutes later, school children could have been along the way home and several many more of these could have died. Since it was, many were kept in school before tsunami situation was clearer. It appears a very lot, but it’s most probably many families had two or three 3 children at school. The principal schools are designated as evacuation centres and are usually set from the sea. It’ll be an enormous challenge to discover a way for the kids to truly have a better future. Fostering children out in areas from the Sanriku will be adding tragedy to tragedy; it’ll need a more creative solution. Some photos mostly of today in Tokyo. Kita senju station last week at 2pm roughly!

Tsunami E Juice

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