Danganronpa: Code Chaos! (prolouge) : Danganronpa

TsunamiFinally, after months of focusing on it, i could share this! The characters (Apart from Monokuma), scenarios and drawings were created by me! I get right up from your surpisingly comfortable bed, and walk, or even more correctly, stumble towads the entranceway. When i open it, a hallway opens up, with an increase of doors, assumingly also bedrooms. A lot of other folks were here aswell. Everyone talks about the blue haired guy while using glasses. And exactly like that, the guy within the black leather jacket just went away, searching for an exit. Because the small girl inside the oversized jumper said that, she ran after him. The lady using the red eyes walked away aswell. The voice from speakers stopped talking. Precisely what is being conducted? And just why does this feel painfully familiar if you ask me? The blue haired guy says as he walks away aswell. The person together with the big hair follows others who left. I said, and everyone began walking downstairs now. Once we step in to the gym, an enormous room opens up before us.

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The place has every possible workout machine an individual can think of, but still, there’s a large amount of space left. The people who went from the group first were here aswell. Everyone immidately starts searching for the foundation of the mysterious voice. Another voice started talking now, that one sounding more deep compared to the one before. Once we were searching, the lights in the fitness center went, and two spotlights lit up two specific point on the floor. From the proper side, a half white, half black plush bear jumped out, doing flips, and landing on his feet. So when he stopped talking, the next bear jumped right out of the ground, looking awfully similar, except looking more brutal, and getting a metal object for his left arm. He’s making me extremely unnerved for reasons uknown. Why do personally i think such fear from these talking plushies?

The red eyed girl seems very unphased from the looks of the two. She said as she began walking to the gym’s exit. The lady stopped compared to that. Does he mean Ultimates? Killing eachother? And when we neglect to find out the killer, we’ll all be killed? MonoZuka’s Hide or Die game! What? He’s not likely to do anything? Everyone viewed me. Suddenly, the biggest person of the group spoke up, or rather, shouted. Immediately after the next bear’s callout, the top person jumped total folks, aiming straight for your bear with all the blaster. I possibly could only watch in disbelief. To split up the sudden fight, Monokuma punched another bear in the facial skin, launching him towards another side of the fitness center, and he punched the lagre person in the facial skin so difficult, he flew back to where he jumped from.

Nobody was saying something. It had been clear now who was simply the stronger of both bears. Knowing this filled me with a lot more dread than i had developed from him before. The lady in black started speaking up. And exactly like that, they both disappeared. Right before our eyes. The blue haired guy nodded. The blue haired guy left aswell, with out a word. This feels really unnatural. I understand i’ve a talent. Why can’t i recall what it really is? Kenji Tsunami: “I AM KENJI TSUNAMI!” MY TALENT HAS BEEN A FAN OF ANIME! YOU HEARD ME RIGHT! Can i ask, why are you currently yelling? TO HELP KEEP THE BURNING FIRE THAT’S MY SPIRIT FLAMING, BURNING EVERYTHING TO ASHES! Oh my, oh my! Perhaps it’s my turn! The name is Anito Masashi, and i’m the best needle-man! When you have any want any kind of clothing, you need to tell me, and i’ll grant your wish!