On 26th December 2004, the countries inside the vicinity of East Indian Ocean experienced probably the most devastating tsunami in recorded history. This tsunami was set off by an earthquake of magnitude 9.0 within the Richter scale at 3.4°N, 95.7°E off of the coast of Sumatra within the Indonesian Archipelago at 06:29 hrs IST (00:59 hrs GMT). Probably one of the most basic information that any tsunami warning center must have at its disposal, is info on Tsunami Travel Times (TTT) to various coastal locations surrounding the Indian Ocean rim, in addition to to many island locations. Without these details, no ETA’s (expected times of arrival) could be contained in the real-time tsunami warnings. The task describes on development of a thorough TTT atlas providing ETA’s to various coastal destinations within the Indian Ocean rim. This Atlas was initially released on the initial anniversary on the Indian Ocean Tsunami and was focused on the victims. Application of soft computing tools like Artificial Neural Network (ANN) for prediction of ETA could be immensely useful in a real-time mode. The major benefit of using ANN in the real-time tsunami travel time prediction is its high merit in producing ETA in a considerably faster time and in addition simultaneously preserving the consistency of prediction. Overall, it could be mentioned that modern tools can prevent or assist in minimizing the increased loss of life and property provided we integrate all essential components within the warning system and put it to the perfect use.

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The answer is “observers”, or regarding a lifeless Universe, “no observers”. Many, especially the religious, think the Universe had an objective, and that has been to get fruitful and produce life, intelligence and consciousness, a means on the Universe having the ability to contemplate its navel. That’s often termed the Strong Anthropic Principle. Most scientists give the thumbs down on the lands the fact that Universe just is. The Universe does not have a consciousness, or perhaps a deity controlling it, and then the cosmos can’t have an objective to its existence, nor a methods that it could consciously direct itself toward this type of goal. However, many quantum physicists claim that the Universe cannot have achieved possible until such time as observers (life) seemed to supply the Universe reality. That’s often termed the Copenhagen Interpretation of quantum mechanics. The theory is that possible realities exist in circumstances of superposition and only 1 becomes reality when someone actually observes and forces the many possibilities right down to one certainty. All possible realities are grouped together and termed the probability wave-function or wave of probability.

When crunch-comes-crunch and someone peeks, OUR MOTHER EARTH is forced to produce a decision, the wave-function collapses and something and only 1 certainty results. Until life appeared then, the Universe is at a superposition of most possible realities, a wave-function that has been a composite of most possibilities. That first observer hence collapsed the wave-function of near infinite possibilities right down to one reality. Or is the fact that just much bovine fertilizer? Now between your time of the creation, that Big Bang event some 13.7 billion years back, and enough time of this first observer arising, the cosmos expanded and evolved. Stars formed, solar systems formed, galaxies formed, and so forth. Now all of that suggests that there is one reality, one chain of events, as well as a causality that has been universal – the Universe had not been within a composite of most possible states of reality whilst no life existed. It’s silly to believe that that ever first proto-cell vast amounts of years back determined the single structure or reality in the Universe we see all around us today. For observers to possess enter into being, the Universe needed recently been in circumstances to be.

Therefore, the Copenhagen Interpretation of most things quantum is utter nonsense. So, does the Universe exist even though nobody is looking? Yes! Did the Universe exist even though there is nobody to check? Yes! Are observers relevant? Having settled the observer question, let’s move ahead to another phase. Inside a universe without life, it’s probably pretty meaningless to speak about concepts like free will. Then there’s that whole sackful of concepts linked to good-and-evil like morals, ethics, sin, badness, righteousness, etc. and therefore there’s no dependence on the concepts of heaven or hell. Therefore, scratch salvation, redemption, forgiveness, or damnation. You can find no emotions, suffering, pain, sorrow, pleasure, consciousness, or psychology. There’s obviously no disease. There’s another bagful of concepts just like the afterlife, reincarnation or resurrection that may pass the boards. Talking about the latter, there is no such part of a lifeless universe as miracles. There is absolutely no such concept required like survival from the fittest; you can find no wars, no death, and no taxes!