Top 10 Biggest And Deadliest Earthquakes Since 1900 : Earthquake Facts

The measure for the severe nature associated with an earthquake depends upon the Richter scale, a logarithmic scale of the quantity of energy released because of the impact. An earthquake using a magnitude of 3 with this scale is nearly always palpable. By magnitude 5 is really a strong earthquake, which in turn causes moderate damage. An earthquake having a magnitude 7 or more is heavy earthquake, which generally causes a large-scale destruction. I’m listing the terms found in this article making use of their definitions adapted from Wikipedia. The Assam – Tibet earthquake can be called because the Assam earthquake or Medog earthquake. Occurred on August 15, 1950 and showed a magnitude of 8.6 Mw. The epicenter from the quake was from Rima to Tibet. Following that, damage was caused in Tibet and Assam. A complete of just one 1,526 people died. The Assam – Tibet quake was the biggest known earthquake 60’s had not been the effect of a megathrust or an oceanic subduction. The earthquake within the Aleutian Islands occurred on April 1, 1946. It had been immediately accompanied by a tsunami inside the Pacific ocean.The quake had a magnitude of 8.6 Mw along with a depth of 25 kilometers.